Program schedule with our line up will be available soon.

We are so glad to announce our 2019 line up below:

Feature Films in Competition


“Venice”, by Miguel Falabella.

“Pacarrete”, by Alan Deberton.

“Unremember”, by Flavia Castro.

“Gold Mouth”, by Daniel Filho.

“Ashes”, by Leo Leite.



Feature Films out of Competition


“Single Almost Crazy”, by Caco Souza.

“My life in Mars”, by Susana Garcia.



Documentaries in Competition


“My name is Daniel”, by Daniel Gonçalves

“Tá Rindo de Quê?”,by Claudio Manoel, Alvaro Campos and Ale Braga.

“The Uncertain Place of Desire”, by Paula Trabulsi.

“Alceu Valença and Tangle of Time”, by Paola Vieira.

“Sound, Sun and Saquarema”, by Helio Pitanga.

“Expedition 21”, by Alex Duarte.


Documentaries out of Competition

“Child of Nature”, by Marcos Negrão and Miguel Krigsner.


Short Films in Competition


“Strange Planet Theory”, by Marco Antonio Pereira.

“Drawing”, by Al Danuzio.

“The Rio Dancer”, by Joe Ferreira.

“10”, by Gabriel Coêlho.

“Food Chain”, by Raphael Medeiros.

“The Guitar and the Commoner”, by Breno Soares.

“Frenetic Reality”, by Ronan Horta.

“The Boy in The Land of The Sun”, by Michel Marchetti

“The Great Love of a Wolf”, by Kennel Rógis and Adrianderson Barbosa

“Signal”, by Diogo Morgado

“Sure Belle”, by Samy Waitzberg.

“Roses”, by Ivann Willig.

“Dreams”, by Douglas Ferreira.



Spotlight on Young Filmmakers (Competition)



“A Mata”, by Marlon Meirelles

“Amani’s Veil”, by Renata Diniz.

“I guess It Went Like That”, by Giovanna Muzel.

“Ana”, by Sofia Brayner.



“Road Kill”, by Tyrone Trullinger.

“Siren”, by Jared Armijo.

“Roses Are Blind”, by Gui Agostini.

“Mariposa”, by Dimitri Luedemann.



Spotlight on Paraíba (Mostra de Cinema Walfredo Rodriguez)


“Blessed Is The Fruit”, by André Morais.

“Bodas de Aruanda”, by Chico Sales.

“Raw”, by Diego Lima.

“DNA-M Divine Not Accept Machine”, by Ely Marques



Spotlight on International Shorts


“Fly Away in LA”, by Vitor Cardoso.

“Double Blind”, by Ana Silvani.

“Tyler”, by Joel Junior.

“God’s Gracie”,by Chateubriand Bezerra.

“2119 Acabou-se Foi Tudo”, by Edmilson Filho.

“No Strings Attached”, by Victor Soares.

“Don’t Look  Back”, by Humberto Rosa.

“Deserter”, by Rodrigo Tavares.



Spotlight LABRFF Case


“Essence”, by Lael Arruda and Lúcio César Fernandes



1º Los Angeles Latin Music Video Festival – LAMV


Music Video in Competition


“Banzé”, by Leopold Nunan

“Thin Line”, by Pedro Burgerbrau

“Gipsy Heart”,  by Lia Paris

“Eyes on Eyes”, by Mess Santos

“Dirty Cup”, by Passarinho

“Sound of Nature”, by Rodrigo Seccon, Ivan Tracz, Rafael Zipperer Ribas, Fábio Júlio Nogara

“Saci”, by Rafael Kent

“Pray”, by Mess Santos

“Body on Fire”, by Sâmia Emerenciano

“Print”, by Gabriel Novis

“Tem Quem Gosta”, by Gabriel Zerra.

“Flood”, by Leco Petersen

“My place”, by Pedro Burgerbrau

“Remexendo”, by Kaique Alves

“One last time”, by Claudio Macedo

“Front of Us”, by Gabriel Novis.

“Vida Longa aos Bons de Coração”, by Tico Fernandes


Out of Competition

“Love is all we need”, by Claudio Macedo
“Distant”, by Julio Cezar Fonseca dos Santos e Vicente Gallo
“Fazendo Assim”, by Mariana Jorge
“The Survivor”, by Marcio Lugó


New Releases

“We Are One”, by Marcos Negrão

“AA Song”, by Gabriel Novis

“The First Hour”, by Cesar Raphael

“One World Family”, by Marcos Negrão

“Naturalmente Cai”, by Gabriel Novis and Pablo Aguiar

Feature film
Golden Mouth
Expedition 21
Sound, Sun & Surf Saquarema
The Uncertain Place of Desire
Alceu Valença – In The Tangle of Time
My Name is Daniel
Tá Rindo de Quê? Humor e Ditadura
The Guitar and the Commoner
Sure Beile – The Secret of Sarita
The Great Love of a Wolf
The Boy from the Land of the Sun
Frenetic Reality
Food Chain
Strange Planet Theory
The Rio Dancer