Film Guide

We are glad to announce our Official 2018 Selection. Congratulations to all!!

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Feature Films in Competition

“Davi’s Secret” by Diego Freitas

“Cowboy’s Heart” by Guilherme Pereira

“Low Budget BO. Movie” by directors Daniel Belmonte and Pedro Cadore

“Instructions Not Included” by André Moraes

“Possessions” by Tiago Santiago

“Before I Forget” by Tiago Arakilian

“SP: Chronicles of a Real City” by Elder Fraga

“Serpent’s Stone” by Fernando Sanches

“The Head of Gumercindo Saraiva” by Tabajara Ruas

“Dirty Job” by Hélio Martins Jr.

Documentaries in Competition

“Badi” by Edu Felistoque

“Codename Clemente” by Isa Albuquerque

“Maidens Tower” by Susanna Lira

“God’s Tenant” by Alfredo Avila and Edward Vela

“Acqualoucos” by Victor Ribeiro

“Rogeria, Mr. Astolfo Barroso Pinto” by Pedro Gui

“The Brazilian” by Lucia Barata

“Marcia Haydee” by Daniela Kallmann

Brazil’s Black Cinema Competition

“Curly Power” by Claudia Alves

“Queen” by Sabrina Fidalgo

“My Price” by Hsu Chien

“The Sacred Within Us” by Gabriel Barbosa, Fernando Souza and Jorge Santana

“I need these words recorded” by Milena Manfredini

“Time” by Victor Uchôa

Shorts Competition

“2017” by Pryka Almeida

“Restinga” by Allan Souza Lima

“Disorder” by Claudia Pinheiro

“Welcome Back” by Lucas Vasconcelos

“Have a Nice Day” by Willy Hajli

“Before Today” by Thiago Kistenmacker

“This is one’s for you, Alice” by Patrick Hanser

“O-Cé-an” by Priscila Guedes

“#Feique” by Alexandre Mandarino and Pedro Lucas de Castro

Special Screenings

“Duke” by Thiago Dadalt

“Ashes” by Edson Celulari

“The Dream” by André Mattos

“A Touch of Aurora” by Aditya Patwardhan

“November 13” by Ben-Hur Pondé

“Coda” by Artur Andrade

“Lady Labyrinth” by Jo Pratta

“Walter” by Helena Sardinha

“While you Pray” by Luciano de Lima

“Ofelia” by Fabiola Stevenson

“Headway” by Camila Rizzo

“The Countries We Love” by Priscila Zortea and Vitor Cardoso