Tuesday, December 18 | 3:00 pm

Documentary | 2017 | 85 min | Brazil


The movie “Badi”, from the director Edu Felistoque, observes the personal trajectory and the international career of the singer, guitarist, and composer Badi Assad. From classical to pop, Badi and her guitar walks through an extremely masculine musical scene, reinventing herself at all times and facing challenges with lightness – including the pressures of belonging to a family of virtuoso musicians and her own creative boundaries. Badi makes a lemonade from the lemons she gets from the critics, with her own reconstructions. This gentle and strong woman, with her own creative process and enormous talent, is not afraid to “dive in” and win the world without losing her identity of a simple girl from the country who values the simple emotions of art and life, not a successful lifestyle.



Director: Edu Felistoque

Cast: Guest appearance of the Assad brothers, Larry Coryell, Roy Rogers, Miguel Santos, Chico César, Toquinho, Yamandú Costa, Naná Vasconcelos, Seu Jorge, Fernando Sardo, Carlinhos Antunes, Rafael Cortez, Michael Scott, Regis Tadeu, Luis Nassif, Wendy Sternberg, Fafá Noronha, Dona Ica and Jorge Assad, and other great names of the Brazilian and international music

Producers: Fernando Muniz, Edu Felistoque, Sergio Martinelli, Victoria Mazzia, Denise Castelhano

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