Double Blind

Double Blind

Wednesday, October 16 / 5:00pm

Thriller —

Director: Pieter du Plessis

Producers: Laura Linn / Ana Silvani

Double Blind is a short movie about a three-way poisonous relationship between a child trafficker, an adoption parent, and the tragic life of a foster kid. It was shot in only one day – on a Sunday – in South Africa. The story is set at a bar where Liz (Bonnie Lee Bouman) meets Keith (Luthuli Dlamini) for a poker game. She tries to sell him a baby, but Keith still has his hopes up that his missing adoptive daughter is alive. Tension arises more and more as the heat of the conversation grows. The room is filled with doubts about the past, questions, guilt, and the presence of a stranger called Pam (Laura Linn) seated next to them. What happens next would make Shakespeare proud if he was alive, or not.

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