Cadeia Alimentar

Food Chain

Wednesday, October 16 / 2:45pm

2019, 18 min, Brazil

Director: Raphael Medeiros

Producers: Marco Eckart / Rodrigo Balocco

Actor Guilherme Ferraz brings the half-man/half-fish protagonist to life. His relationship with Mateus Solano’s Fisherman character is infused with oppression, which raises the question: how abusive is men’s demeanor against nature? Fused with fragments of religion and the media through the roles of a Pastor (David Júnior) and a Reporter (Iane de Jesus), this “magic realism” universe presents an apocalyptical atmosphere with characters that serve as allegories between men and the environment, hero and antagonist. Amidst all that, “Food Chain” introduces a visual metaphor for nature’s vengeance. Is mankind really destined to become nature’s next meal?

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