Inquilino de Deus

God’s Tenants

Thursday, December 20 | 3:00 pm

Documentary | 2017 | 79 min | Brazil


God’s Tenants documents the daily struggles of Nilza, a Brazilian single mother of 10 struggling to raise a family, and provide food for her children by working odd jobs at a time when unemployment is extremely high. Like many others in her community, Nilza and her children are forced to live in a squatter settlement near a landfill with no running water, formal electricity or infrastructure. To make things worse, Nilza’s 7 year-old-daughter, Sabrina, goes missing. It is then that Nilza fears that she has lost her daughter to the streets forever, as it is common for street children in Brazil to fall prey to the underground economy of prostitution, drugs and violence.



Director: Alfredo Avila, Edward Vela

Cast: Nilza Maria do Espiritu Santo, Gilcinei Sant’Ana, Ricardo Ismael, Sabrina Do Espiritu Santo

Producers: Alfredo Avila, Edward Vela, Yelyna De Leon, Larissa Ferraz

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