Não se Aceitam Devoluções

Instructions Not Included

Monday, December 17 | 9:45 pm

Feature Film | 2018 | 104 min | Brazil


Juca Valente doesn’t consider himself a fearful guy – he is careful. Owner of a beach kiosk in the coast of São Paulo, he is an eternal flirt that is the joy of tourists from Brazil and the world, but he does not want a relationship. One fine day, an American ex-girlfriend leaves a baby with him and disappears. Juca leaves for the United States with the intention of returning the child, but the love for his daughter Emma grows and Juca ends up establishing himself in Los Angeles, working as stuntman and living an eternal adventure with Emma. When the girl turns six, her mother, Brenda, reappears and intends to fight for her in court. But the surprising fate will show that Juca is much braver than he imagined.



Director: André Moraes

Cast: Leandro Hassum

Producers: Marcos Didonet, Vilma Lustosa, Walkiria Barbosa

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