Torre das Donzelas

Maidens Tower

Tuesday, December 18 | 1:00 pm

Documentary | 2018 | 90 min | Brazil


There are desires that not even the torture or imprisonment can restrain, freedom and justice. There are reasons that keep us in the righteous path even in circumstances of extreme pain and humiliation, the friendship and solidarity. MAIDEN’S TOWER brings surprising never seen before accounts from former president Dilma Rousseff and her former cellmates from Tiradentes prison in São Paulo. They were imprisoned together in the 70’s at the Maiden’s Tower, name used to refer to the female cells in the prison. The film recreates from fragments of memory of each one of them, a film set that resembles the space in which they were incarcerated together. In this environment they reunite 45 years afterwards in order to break the silence and the fear in talking about the horrors of living under a violent dictatorship. Maiden’s Tower is a collective memory exercise done by women that believe that to resist is the only way to be free.



Director: Susanna Lira

Cast: Dilma Rousseff, Guida Amaral, Cida Costa

Producers: Nuno Godolphim

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