Tuesday, December 18 | 9:15 pm

Feature Film | 2017 | 91 min | Brazil


Horror and thriller film which tells three stories of possessions. “Poison” tells the diabolical plan of two lovers who plan to end the life of her husband to stay with your fortune. “Obsession” tells the story of an engaged couple, who is surprised by spirit that incorporates the bride, seeking revenge. “The gate” tells the story of a young woman who moves into an apartment, not knowing that the place is a portal of evil, demonic force which wants your soul.



Director: Tiago Santiago

Cast: Sacha Bali, Ligia Fagundez, Marcos Pitombo, Paty Dejesus, Marcelo Serrado, Fernanda Nobre, Antônio Pitanga, Marcos Wainberg, Juliana Xavier, Dado Dolabella, Tuca Andrada, André Di Mauro, Rocco Pitanga, Jorge Pontual, Maria Cristina Gatti, ítala Nandi

Producers: TXS FILMS