Monday, October 14 / 7:00pm

Drama — 2018, 8 min, USA

Director: Jared Armijo-Wardle

Producers: Nate Riedel / Jared Armijo-Wardle

Inspired by the true events, Siren tells the story of the last moments of Josefa “Juanita” Segovia, the first woman hanged in California on July 5th, 1851. Amongst the drunken revelry on July 4th miner Fredrick Cannon attacked Josefa Segovia and her lover Jose in their home. Initially driven away Cannon returned later only to be fatally stabbed by Josefa. Rumor quickly spread as to who this Mexican American woman, once an accepted member of the community, truly was: a whore, a killer, a siren, leading men to their death? Siren shows Josefa’s precious last moments as she gathers her strength to face a lynch mob, injustice and death. The papers called her “Juanita” to try to erase her but Josefa’s act of self defense made her a legend.