SP: Crônicas de uma Cidade Real

SP: Chronicles of a Real City

Wednesday, December 19 | 7:15 pm

Feature Film | 2018 | 92 min | Brazil


São Paulo is a complex city. So complex that when stories based on true elements blend into fiction, it is difficult to know which is which. “SP: Chronicles of a Real City is a collection of five stories: The rescue of a policeman, the punishment of a murderer, a sadist who studies the boundary between the beautiful and the grotesque, the search for lost memory and the discovery that justice and the law can be different things.”



Director: Elder Fraga

Cast: Luciano Chirolli, Julio Rocha, Rubens Caribé, Rui Ricardo Diaz, Ricardo Gelli, Nicolas Trevijano, Carlos Morelli, Joaz Campos, Gustavo Haddad, Alexandre Barros, Gabriela Wazlawick, Luciano Gatti, Camila Dos Anjos, Ando Camargo, Patrícia Vilela, Beno Bider, Marcelo Rafael, Rogério Roger Brito, Sandrao Rzo WU, Nego Jam, João Miller, Pablo Raphael Ginevro, Edgar Pedro de Souza, Marcos Michel, Luiz Sorrentino, Cesar Sorrentino e Alexandre Tigano

Producers: Bárbara Mascarenhas

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