Sure Beile - The Secret of Sarita

Sure Beile – The Secret of Sarita

Thursday, October 17 | 3pm

Short Documentary — 2019, 21 min, Brazil

Director: Samy Waitzberg

Producers: Chesley Heymsfield

Sure Beile – the woman, the wife, the matriarch. Having lost her mother after childbirth, Sure “Sarita” Rawet was initially raised by her father, who eventually remarried and grew a new family. She never knew about what happened, until one day at age 8, when she found her birth certificate in a drawer. Fearing being treated differently from her siblings, she kept the secret to herself nearly half her entire life, avoiding any opportunities to be told about it. With her peculiar way of facing life, Sarita overcame her loss and became who she is, always smiling and positive. And this attitude also helped her deal with the loss of a grandson.

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