Tá Rindo de Quê? Humor e Ditadura

Tá Rindo de Quê? Humor e Ditadura

Tuesday, October / 2:15pm

2018, 85 min, Brazil

Director: Claudio Manoel / Álvaro Campos / Ale Braga

Producers: Manfredo Barreto


During the 60’s and 70’s military dictatorship in Brazil, comedians – originated from different social classes and midia – try to balance their massive popularity with the persecution and censorship of the official regime being able to respond to fear with laugh. The film traces a panorama of the national humorous production  from 1964 to 1985 when Humor served as a weapon of resistance and as an escape valve.  “What are you laughing at?” covers from the forerunner magazine “Pif-paf”, created by Millôr Fernandes, passing through the iconic  “Pasquim”,  the comic and anarchic theatrical group “Asdrúbal I brought the Trombone ” and  TV shows like “Familia Trapo”, Chico Anysio City, Viva o Gordo (Jô Soares) e Trapalhões. With more than 20 testimonials of personalities that acted in the two decades under the gaze of censorship, the documentary also brings together scenes and archive interviews, as well as memorable cartoons