A cabeça de Gumercindo Saraiva

The Head of Gumercindo Saraiva

Monday, December 17 | 7:45 pm

Feature Film | 2018 | 95 min | Brazil


“The story of The Head of Gumercindo Saraiva is fiction based on true events, which happened at the end of the Federalist Revolution in 1985. When Gumercindo Saraiva was killed in an ambush and buried at graveyard at some roadside, the legalists discovered it, unburied the body, and cut its head off so it would be taken to the Governor as a war trophy. Major Ramiro de Oliveira and two men were chosen for the unusual task. The film tells the saga of the Capitan Franciso Saraiva, son of Gumercindo, and his team of five riders in the attempt to recover his father’s head.

The moments of approximation and distancing between the pursued and the pursuers, the confrontation and the conflicts, the duels that happened on both sides until the final encounter, when there are only Ramiro and Francisco left standing; all these events are thoroughly narrated in the film. The lessons learned in the journey blossom at end and both men, due to everything they went through, decide for an honorable outcome for them both.”



Director: Tabajara Ruas

Cast: Murilo Rosa, Leonardo Machado, Marcos Verza, Sirmar Antunes, Marcos Pitombo, Allan Souza Lima, Marcos Breda, Rogério Beretta

Producers: Walper Ruas Produções Ltda.

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