Nosso Sagrado

The Sacred Within Us

Wednesday, December 19 | 1:00 pm

Short | 2017 | 32 min | Brazil


Produced by Quiproc√≥ Filmes in partnership with the Liberte Nosso Sagrado campaign, the documentary investigates persecution and religious racism against Candombl√© and Umbanda, which were criminalized in the First Republic and the Vargas Era. During this period more than 200 objects were seized by the police. The sacred pieces of Umbanda and Candombl√© were exhibited as “Black Magic Collection” and are still under the possession of the Civil Police Museum of the State of Rio de Janeiro. From the talk of religious, researchers and militants, we seek to understand the importance of the Afro-Brazilian sacred collection, the struggle for their liberation and the effects of religious racism.



Director: Gabriel Barbosa, Fernando Sousa, Jorge Santana

Producers: Viviane Tavares, Mariana Medeiros

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